Post-Divorce Holidays

As long as I was a parish pastor, I knew one rule during the holidays: be aware that the holidays are difficult for a lot of people.  While the rest of the world is reveling in the joys of the holiday season, many people in the congregation are lonely, grieving, or suffering in other ways.

I seriously wonder if the world is reveling in the joys of the holiday season.  But that’s another matter.

Here’s MY particular problem: I’m divorced.  The basic nature of my family has fundamentally changed.  My former spouse and I co-parent wonderfully; there’s never been a problem there.  But the sense of family we once had has changed forever.  So the symptom I suffer from, as the world revels, is grief.

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A tiny rant

I’m confused.

If someone leads an army that fights against the US, that person is the very definition of a traitor, right?  Maybe he should be called a revolutionary leader, or perhaps an insurrectionist, right?  But “traitor” seems to be the overarching category.  Am I missing something?

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The family I never knew

Isn’t it interesting that when you complete a stage of your life and think that your best, or perhaps most engaging, days are behind you?  I think many of us find it hard to believe that when we graduate from college, for example, that life could be nearly as much fun as the previous years had been.  When the years of child-rearing are almost over, one looks ahead to the empty nest and wonders how it could possibly be as wonderful as the previous years have been.

And then you get a big surprise.  Or two.  Or three.

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Almost three years without….

It’s been a dream of mine since the family spent the summer in Berlin in 2007. We lived in an apartment in what used to be East Berlin for about seven weeks.  During that time we lived, shopped, and toured many of the great cities of Europe.  Six of us.

We flew into Cologne and rented a van to get to Berlin.  Once we dropped it off when we arrived in Berlin, we went the rest of the summer without a car.

Seven weeks.  A family of six.  No car, no driving.

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Hi everyone.


Well, here we go.  I’m starting this blog because two significant women in my life (you know who you are) are blogging.  One has been blogging for a long time, another just started and is doing a fine job.

It’s not that I just automatically do what they’re doing; I find their blogs to be brilliant, funny, quirky, and wonderful windows into their souls.

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