Hi everyone.


Well, here we go.  I’m starting this blog because two significant women in my life (you know who you are) are blogging.  One has been blogging for a long time, another just started and is doing a fine job.

It’s not that I just automatically do what they’re doing; I find their blogs to be brilliant, funny, quirky, and wonderful windows into their souls.

I’m also starting this because it’s NOT Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong; Facebook is fabulous, a revolutionary platform.  But lately, it has become tiresome, even soul-crushing to an extent.  It’s a reflection of the angst that’s so pervasive today, and since anxiety requires a feedback loop (read Murray Bowen to flesh that out), it might possibly be the cause of some of our society’s greatest ills at the moment.

So here’s my blog.  I’m starting it because:

  1. Few people are likely to read it
  2. I don’t have to worry about how it will be received by far-off acquaintances known as “friends” on Facebook
  3. I can write about the favorite topic of the day, or avoid it completely
  4. I might just feel like posting a picture here instead of writing anything

If you’re reading this, thanks.  I’ll promise to write with no consistency or regularity, no audience in mind, and a very thin filter.  Check back later, or don’t.  Whatever you like.  And thanks again.